scripTower -
the best scripting language editor with instant results!

scripTower allows you to develop/design websites plus do snippets without refreshing the page - even Javascript and JQuery!
Use the online editor to test your code. Its powerful and it's FREE to use!

Imagine being able to develop HTML and CSS web pages and see the results as fast as you can type.

But scripTower is no ordinary html editor.

Imagine being able to use Javascript and JQuery in an editor and seeing the results as fast as you can type. 
All this on a platform that allows you to see the results as it would look on a web page.

Now that would be some time saving performance.

How about an editor that allows you to store 80 web pages or snippets and this code is non volatile.
The code is not destroyed even after turning off the computer. Gotcha interested now!
That's right turning on the computer, opening the browser and the code is still in the saved positions.

But if that's not enough to make this editor unique, how about being able to insert PHP code into the editor.
By using AJAX, a PHP file's code can be placed into the editor.

This is an incredible capability being able to see HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX and PHP results in one editor!

 Create forms to send information to the server or grab some data from a database and display it in the editor.
Make a blog or even a shopping cart with scripTower. And since the editor is part of a web page the results are what will appear in the final production.

scripTower has so many more cool features that videos will be made to showcase them.

Try the online DEMO - IT's FREE!
It has the same power as the PRO version but less features.