scripTower Pro - the scripting language editor!

scripTower Pro allows you to develop/design websites plus do snippets
without refreshing the page - even Javascript and JQuery!
Use the scaled down version Demo to test your code.

Only $40 introductory price for this powerful scripting language editor app!
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What is scripTower?

It is a scripting language editor that can be used to do snippets or a full web page can be developed or designed.
There are 2 files, index1.html and index.php. index.php requires a server.
The areas of scripting languages include Javascript, JQuery and AJAX.
AJAX requires a server - local or online.
With AJAX you can perfom PHP and mySQL with this editor using index.php.
HTML and CSS can be performed with this editor.

  • HTML and CSS done in REALTIME!
  • Javascript and JQuery done in REALTIME!
  • DOM viewer done in REALTIME!
  • REALTIME means as soon as you type the code, the results are displayed on the same page at normal dimensions.
  • Save you work in one of the 20 allocated positions using just a browser.
    No Server needed - Just a Browser using index1.html.
  • scripTower Pro can be purchased for just $40.
  • For $40 introductory price you get all the nice features from 20 non-volatile save positions to download and upload your code.
  • > Basic scripTower demo is available FREE online. <
  • Basic tutorials and examples will be added to the demo version.
You can't get any more efficient than with this editor.
So much time is saved.
Great way to get your web pages done and is actually FUN!

This is also a quick and great way to learn theses scripting languages.

How does it work?

  • Select a number. There are twenty positions you can save code.
  • Click on one of the code windows and place the code into it.
    Notice the code is displayed instantly regardless of the scripting language.
    Yes even javascript and jquery are displayed instantly in real time.
  • The Save button turns red when one of the windows has code entered into it.
  • To retrieve the code just click the number that has the saved code.
  • If you are just testing some code use the save/retrieve button to refresh "web page "section to original state. Achieve the desired results then save again.
  • If a tag has an id it can be removed just by selecting the tag then clciking Remove Tag. To make it permanent click 'Save'.
  • Always save important code. Use the Download feature to place code into the download folder. This folder is the default of most browsers.
  • Use the Upload feature to place the code straight into the editor just by selecting an empty position and clicking 'Save'.
  • This web page was designed exclusively with this app. Even more so, this app was designedwithin itself.
    That's right I designed this app using this app.

What are some of the features?

  • Along with REALTIME displaying of code, it also comes with a DOM Viewer.
  • The DOM viewer lets you see Javascript, JQuery and AJAX actions live.
  • 20 saved/store positions that are non-volatile.
    That is turning off computer and then turning it back, the code is still in its position inside the browser.
  • Attributes displayed just by clicking a tag. The tag and its parent.
  • 4 windows or textareas to insert code. HTML, CSS, Javascript and Focus.
  • The Focus window allows the capabilities to isolate or pinpoint the code inside the tag that was clicked.
  • Styles capabilities on the fly.
  • Insert tags anywhere on the page with attributes.
  • Remove a tag instantly. Click 'Save' to make it permanent.
  • Download your work into text files and place in the 'code' folder. Recall them by clicking the Upload button and selecting folder and then file. Text file code is placed directly into editor.
  • Insert/Copy files easily.
  • Use the Focus window to pinpoint or isolate your code. Avoid searching all that code just to add/update a section.
  • By using AJAX, PHP and mySQL can be used to help create elaborate webistes
  • This app was designed to use in any browser especially FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Feature DOM Viewer

  • The DOM Viewer allows you to see the results of the DOM code in REALTIME. See Javascript and JQuery actions live.
    When doing DOM coding the results can not be seen viewing the source code. Being able to see this code is VITAL in understanding how traversing the DOM works.
    I started this editor for this reason only. Did I do it right, is the addClass actually added to the element.
    With the DOM Viewer you will know - instantly.
  • Click the DOM Viewer button to display the viewer. By grabbing DOM you can move it around. Since it is a textarea you can resize it also.
  • The best thing about seeing the DOM results instantly is that the learning curve is greatly reduced.
  • Being able to see the DOM results helps with troubleshooting. You can see it live there is no need to go to the console all the time.
  • I actually use tags, especially headers, to capture my variables to display them when something isn't working. Doing this and using the DOM viewer, I stopped using the console.

Feature - Style and Tags

  • Place a tag anywhere on the page by using a tag with an id.
  • Instead of searching the whole html code to place a new tag into it, just use the insert tag form.
  • To the right are the insert tag and insert id/classname attributes.
  • Insert an id or class name(s) to any tag
  • If a tag needs a id or class name use the IDs/className section to insert one into the tag. Just type in attributes and then click the tag. Use the attributes box or DOM viewer to verify location and then click 'Save'.
  • DOM Save is used to copy its results into the HTML section so DOM Save needs to be checked. It automatically checks itself when tag is clicked.
  • Insert a tag anywhere on the page
  • Now that there is a reference tag with an id add a tag and place it either, APPEND, PREPEND, BEFORE OR AFTER that tag.
  • Use the attributes box to select an id either the tag or the tag's parent.
  • Fill out form and then select one of the 4 ways to place or insert the tag.
  • Click "Save'
  • Stlye tags with ease
  • Below images shows the styles section. Border and Text
  • Do some basic css styling to tags and do it quickly.
  • Collect css results and place it into the CSS window in the appropriate selector. Click "Save'
  • scriptower_styles1
  • scriptower_styles2

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • So even if I turn off my computer and come back later the code is still at those positions?
  • When using scriptTower , the code will always be there.
    When using scripTower with a server the location of the app folder doesn't matter but when using index1.html location matters.
  • I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying when using index1.html and I already saved my work if I move the folder to another location the code could be lost?
    Also when using the server, index.php, I don't have to worry about this factor?
  • Yes, when using index1.html location matters. If you don't move or rename app folder after you saved to the positions you will have no problems. And remember Always save you important work! Note: each browser has its own save positions.
    So if you have 4 browsers open you now have 80 positions to save code. Or use the same code to see how it will perform in different browsers. Use the escape key to save your work without having to click 'Save'.
  • I've just added a tag using the insert tag section and clicked 'Save' but its not saved in the code?
  • Did you remove the check in the DOM Save checkbox? Whenever something is added to the web page by Javascript or JQuery and you want to keep those results the checkbox needs to be checked. When using the tag insert it will come on by itself and turn off as you exit. If you did not save your work before you exited the tag insertion section it won't be saved.
    Just click checkbox and then click 'Save".
  • What does DOM Save do anyway?
  • It will save anything that is displayed in the DOM viewer into the HTML window. So as you are watching in the DOM viewer the tag being inserted and you want it to be permanent make sure DOM Save is checked and then click 'Save'.
  • You stated that this editor never needs page refreshing or that the cache build up is not a problem?
  • That is correct. This app has been tested for over a year and less than 1% has this editor froze up. I was actually shocked and tried to duplicate but couldn't in the few times that it froze up.
    Solution was to save the work and then refresh page.
  • Can you really use PHP with this editor? I mean not many editors out there have this capability.
  • PHP can be used with this editor by using AJAX to request a POST method. You can use JQuery's .load() method or use a function to request the post and just get the php page and place it in a tag in the web page.
    function runDirlsit(){
    { $.post( "dirlist.php", { }) }
    { $("#divlistdir").html(data); })
    .fail(function() { $("#divlistdir").html("Failed to process File"); })
    This was used to get all the folders inside a main folder and place them into a div. This was repeated for those folders to access the files inside them and then to display the text inside those folders. A example is the Upload feature in scripTower.
  • Does scripTower have a built in php editor?
  • No you can open your favorite text editor and use that. Once you saved your work in the text editor, just click on the position in scripTower to update the new php code.
    You could use some php to create a text editor and place it inside scripTower. I have a rough design that I use.
  • What does the Focus window do?
  • The Focus window allows you to pinpoint the code area you want to work without having to navigate through all your code.
    If you 'box' your code into divs then accessing the code is a snap. Before this editor I 'boxed' my code for easier transporting to other jobs. Just place all important code inside a div and when you are in the Focus window and click or double click on a tag its contents(click) or its parent contents(double click) are displayed in the window.
    The escape key doesn't work here you must click 'Save';
  • Does scripTower have any other projects going on?
  • Well actually we have scripTower CMS that is in the later stages and promises to be original.